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~ From an idea and buzz of inspiration ~ to a fully completed new bathroom.

Mr Useful Bathrooms is based in Solihull, West Midlands.
Our bathroom services range from simple plumbing and installation to full refurbishment.  Whether you just want to change your basin, fully refurbish, or create a bathroom where one did not previously exist, we can provide the service.


Our team includes experienced plumbers,  tilers, electricians and decorators.  We can advise you on design and space planning, and also on technical solutions.  Our skills relieve you of any worries about such things as:

Running pipework
Accessing waste flow pipes
Water supplies and pressure
Tolerances and clearances
Safety issues
Heating and lighting
Tiling of walls and floors
The specialist tools for tasks
...and most importantly…
Waterproofing and sealing.


If you are looking to fully refurbish an existing bathroom, or create one in a new space, then you will need help to make your design effective and workable.  We will support you every step of the way, contributing as much as you need, whether you are working with a small intimate space, or a large luxurious one.

Yes, a bathroom has to be practical, and ease of use has to be a priority.  But remember, this will also be a place you will use every day, and for many, it is a place of sanctuary where you can relieve the stresses of the day, relax and unwind.  At times like these, the bathroom can be the most important room in your home, so you need it to be just right for you….. the way it looks, the way it feels ~ it needs to be a pleasure to be in.


If you have the time resources available, then you can purchase your appliances, fittings and radiators for us to install.   Alternatively, we can supply them.  We have access to all major brands at affordable prices.  All you need to do is show us what style and design you like.

If you are purchasing yourself, then take some time to discuss your ideas with us, so that we can advise on sizes, colouring, quality materials, and any additional items that are needed to make your design complete. Click Here for a list of reccomended suppliers